Sunday, March 25, 2012

#3: Taste the Rainbow

With our culture drastically changing, people have to let go of the old ideas of "what is right and what is wrong" and accept that we are who we are. While the population of LGBT's is still small, it is definitely growing as more people become confident in accepting who they are. Only 8 states in the US (including Washington DC) actually support gay marriage. Almost all of the south has passionately disagreed with gay and lesbian marriages. They've all passed an amendment that doesn't acknowledge gay marriages from other states. The only one that hasn't, is North Carolina.
While I'm rather grateful that it hasn't yet, the state is still deciding on what to do, and it's tipping closer and closer to agree with the rest of the south. South US has always been very religious and very republican. I don't agree with their views and their strict "if you don't follow what is in the Bible, then you're going to Hell" sorts of views.
People need to start waking up and realizing that everyone is different. That's how it always was and how it will always be. You can't be angry at a gay couple just because you're straight. Who are you to say it's wrong, when those people are probably more in love than you are? I have a lot of friends that are either gay or bi, and they're probably the most fun people I have ever met.
This is the 21st century, not 1920. Things change. I don't think that love should have to be limited to the opposite sex. If you love someone, then that's love. No one should oppress you like that and say that you're wrong.
Black and white people have barely managed to get around racism. It hasn't even been 60 years since we got rid of black and white segregation. Is this going to be a huge debate about whether it's right or wrong to be gay? Are we going to deprive LGBT's of their human rights? We're still humans, and if people really did read the Bible, they would know that God wants us to love everyone, no matter their race, age, gender, religion, or sexual orientation.

~penny collected on 3/25/12 (thank you lily for all the pennies that you gave me. that will last for about the rest of the year) date on penny is 1990.