Friday, March 23, 2012

#1: Dream Pillows

I heard of an idea that revolved around a pillow-- this pillow would be able to record the dreams you had at night, then you would be able to connect them to the computer through a USB cord and watch them through your computer. I thought this was a brilliant idea, considering you forget about 90% of your dreams at least half an hour after you wake up. Were such inventions possible, I'm sure that the ability to watch your dreams twice would not only be very fascinating, but dangerous. Your dreams are your own private-- and very subconscious-- thoughts, and people have the ability to keep their dreams secret if they wish.
Along with the Dream Pillow, there should be a high-security protocol as well. Our dreams would be protected; only the person that dreamt them would be able to see them again. If they wish to share it with someone, then they would just have to tell them.
But I just think that this would be a fascinating invention, as I have had many dreams that I honestly wish I could have remembered more fully. To be able to access the information that only your subconscious thoughts can come up with would bring on a whole different way people see things, I believe.
Or, with such mysterious information as dreams, would seeing them twice with perfect clarity take away the fascination we have with them? Would knowing the actual detail of what happened-- and not feeling the emotion of it-- ruin the mystery of it? Some thing we have for a reason, and some things we have are very limited for a reason. The reason for dreams is to be taken a little further away out of reality, to be a little scared or mesmerized by what we dreamt about. Watching it on a computer screen would certainly take that away.
Just a thought.

~penny collected on 3/22/2012. date of penny is 1996 (fancy that, my birth year).

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