Saturday, March 24, 2012

#2: Nocturnal Humans

I'm very grateful that more and more people seem to be becoming nocturnal, or at least that the big grocery shops are 24 hours. Because if ever one day comes that I want to flip my sleep schedule upside down and become nocturnal, I'll at least be able to buy my groceries/work somewhere without worrying about them being closed.
During the summer, I'm very, very nocturnal. I'll go to sleep at around 4-6 in the morning and wake up at 3 pm. And the great thing is, my entire family does this. So we'll all stay up into the ungodly times of the morning and then wake up in the afternoon and have breakfast together.
With the fact that human beings are diurnal, I think that our days shouldn't be limited to when the sun is up or down. There's things you can do in the sunlight and all, but there are just as many things that could be going on in the nighttime, and when people consider 10:00 pm to be "late," it's very limiting to my schedule.
I have a feeling that when I grow up, my schedule is going to be very odd. I suppose it depends on what my job is.
Another problem, though, with having a nocturnal schedule, is that a lot of your friends will most likely not be awake, and therefore social lives will be put to a pause. But I still think that it would be nicer to have a schedule in both the day and night, and when it's night, not have all the shops close at ten.

~penny collected on 3/24/2012. date of penny is 1988.

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